5 Ways an MSP Saves You Money

Cost savings with a managed service provider

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There are a lot of advantages to having a solid IT foundation, but sometimes managing said IT is easier said than done. As your enterprise expands, the need for more complex, intricate infrastructure grows. This means more systems, more staff, and more things to protect. For a company that’s small to medium-sized, this is an expensive process.

The nature of an MSP is to assist with the labor requirements associated with IT processes. Anything from technological roadmaps to security are possible with an MSP, and it’s with this assistance money is saved. We’ll cover a few specific examples.

1 – Experts at a Discount

IT requires expertise and knowledge to run efficiently. Experts manage and consolidate various problems ranging from troubleshooting to serious network issues. But, the keyword here is expert, and sometimes they’re not available. Either because of location or capital limitations, not all businesses have expert IT staff on hand.

An MSP, however, provides this expert staff without the investment for training and salary. Since you contract with the MSP, the professional is paid on their behalf instead. You get all the experience at a fraction of the cost!

2 – Roadmap Provision

Technology is great, but only when it works for you. A business investing in hardware it doesn’t need is wasted money.

An MSP saves a company capital cost by directing them towards tech and policies useful to the organization’s model. 

3 – Scaling Costs

As a business grows and changes, so too will its needs. But said needs can rise in cost when dealing with IT infrastructure, ranging from new PC installations to hires to server expansions. 

With an MSP, however, this cost can be scaled based on what you need, changing as your business does.

4 – Problem Resolution

One of the bigger cost factors to an IT-driven business are tech problems, such as downtime. Downtime cripples a business for various reasons, and the longer services are out, the more a company’s bottom line suffers. However, an MSP provides numerous resolutions to potential issues, taking care of downtime at an expedited pace while keeping your services up and running.

In other cases, not only do experienced MSPs have solutions, they can offer backup services for critical infrastructure like customer support and data storage (to name a few).

5 – Improved Efficiency

When things work well, production rises. Workers can attend to their tasks without interruption and IT problems (big and small) are handled effectively. MSP’s can handle the various workloads related to IT while your staff has the time needed to remain focused, which ultimately leads to a profitable, streamlined enterprise. 

These are only a handful of ways outsourcing services to an MSP saves you money, and the value of utilizing the services of trained, knowledgeable staff at the fraction of a salary investment is unmatched. If you find your organization hassled with constant IT issues, it may be time to look for third party assistance.

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