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Facts about White Hat Hackers for Cyber Security Portland

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Your company computer system contains a treasure chest of data that are so alluring to cyber criminals. There are thousands of confidential data that are just sitting there on your network, challenging hackers to come and pluck them out. And if your cyber security Portland is not strong or safe enough, your business could lose a lot of data and your network could be compromised. Your system could be crippled, and the operation of your business can be jeopardized for a long time. And when your whole system is down, your operation is stopped and there is no productivity in any section of your company. When this happens, it is a huge disaster for your business. And so it is important to consider the fact that you can hire a white hat hacker to find vulnerability in your system.

What is a white hat hacker?

The consistency of your cyber security Portland professionals in maintaining the utmost protection of your network can easily be tested by a white hat hacker. This kind of hacker is actually a good guy, which is the exact opposite in intentions compared to the black hat hackers. The white hat hacker is actually a legal process of a legit hacker to hack into your network, system, and server in order to check for vulnerabilities that black hat hackers and grey hat hackers can exploit from your business. The white hat hackers are working for your company, and with your consent they hack into your network and system, but they are not doing any harm to your company. They are helping your cyber security Portland team to find loop holes in your network, in order to see if there are even the slightest holes in your system that can be used by cyber criminals to steal your company data, take your data hostage, exploit your company information, and immobilize your whole system. And you do not have to worry about opening your system to potential cyber attacks, because the white hat hackers will close the gaps after they have found the weaknesses in your network and system.

Benefits of white hat hacking

White hat hackers perform their tasks legally, because they receive confirmation from you that they can hack your system. Everything is recorded and both parties do need to sign a contract stating that what will transpire is agreeable to both you as the company and the white hat hacker. Your network and system are deliberately attacked by white hat hackers through the following technique:

  • Reverse engineering
  • DoS attacks
  • Social engineering techniques
  • Disc and memory forensics
  • Network security
  • Security scanners like burp site, Nessus, and W3af
  • Frameworks like the metasploit
  • Training platforms

Ethical hacking is also another term used for white hat hacking, and this process of finding vulnerabilities is absolutely beneficial in many ways. Let us explore the main benefits of white hat hacking for your cyber security Portland.

Identification of vulnerabilities

As already mentioned, the main benefit of hiring a white hat hacker is to expose the vulnerabilities of your network and system. The white hat hacker is the instrument for you to find out how strong, secure, and safe your system is. And if they find that there are gaps in your network that black hat hackers can penetrate, then at least your IT support team and cyber security team can work their magic and make sure to patch up the weak spots in your system, and ensure that the cyber criminals will never find them and take advantage. Without a doubt, having a white hat hacker is crucial to finding the truth about your cyber security Portland.

Tightening of security

Before you subject your network, system, and server to the cyber attacks of your hired white hat hacker, of course you would need to tighten your security in order to test if your system can handle such an attack and can it withstand the onslaught of an experienced hacker. And when your security is tight, your network, system, and computers will be working smoothly, which leads to the extra productiveness of your employees.

Test your company IT support service team

Deliberately hacking your network brings strong advantages that includes the honing of skills of your current IT support service team. The cyber attack of the white hat hacker can efficiently test just how powerful they are at countering a cyber attack of a highly skilled hacker. And so you as a business owner can find out if you have the best IT support by your side. They would need to tighten the security of your network and system, and of the white hat hacker can still get through, them it could be that your technical support needs additional training, or you can contemplate whether or not you want to change IT providers.

Less downtimes

The white hat hacking is extremely beneficial because their role in your business allows you to find even the tiniest gap in your network, and so you can have your cyber security Portland team to handle the resolution. And so when the system and network are completely secured, your business will experience a significant decrease in the amount of downtimes, which most of the time causes your business to lose a lot of money. And with less downtime, your clients and customers can access your company website and process their orders and payment seamlessly.


There are still many traditional businesses that refuse to believe in the power of white hat hacking, and no one can really blame them for that. However, if you are after the utmost security of your business and the upkeep of the security of your company data, then you should seriously consider spending money on a white hat hacker to test your whole system. With the help of this kind of hacker, your cyber security Portland becomes more secure, and walls that are built are very hard to penetrate by black hat hackers.

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