How IT Support Portland Professionals Can Be More Productive

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In the IT Support Portland world, there is always those people who works harder than everyone else, finish their tasks earlier than others, operate at a fast speed, and are always more productive than others. It never cease to amaze you how these seemingly energetic and productive individuals are always ahead of their game, and they can at all times surpass everyone’s productivity, no matter how hard you to try to become even with them. If you think about it deeply, you are performing the same type of work, and your number of years of working experience in the IT industry is also quite similar. But every day you ask yourself why they are better and work at a faster speed than you. You do want to be productive, so you can be recognized and greatly valued in the IT Support Portland company that you work for. And so in this post we will discuss the reasons behind why your very productive colleagues can handle their work better than you, and how to become like them.

Concentrate on the most significant tasks

There is no question with the loads of things that you need to do in your assigned work, but if you really think about it, your tasks can be categorized into different levels, and you must pay attention to the most urgent things that you need to do. Perform the most significant tasks first, and then move on to the lesser level. This will make your job easier, especially since you are absolutely sure that you have completed the toughest tasks and can seamlessly finish the daily assignments even before end of day.

Create a distraction list

There are so many things that can easily distract you from finishing your tasks, and sometimes it is so hard to stay focused because of the legitimate and as well as nonsense distractions that you need to face while you perform your tasks as IT Support Portland professionals. That is why it is important to create a distraction list, print it, and paste it on your desk or wall, or somewhere that you can always have a glimpse at. Write down the common things that can distract you from working, like the notifications that keeps popping on your computer screen, constant ringing of your phone, sudden thoughts of unpaid bills, and more. Make a list of everything that keeps your mind wandering, and do something about them. If your screen notification is bothering you, then turn it off, as well as your phone to avoid distractions. And if your unpaid bills or some chores you need to do but forget about them is bothering you at work, then make it a point to always take care of your bills ahead of time and settle your home and personal life before you report to work. Indeed, by creating a list of all the things that can distract you at work in the IT Support Portland company, then you are giving yourself an opportunity to handle things and be more productive at the office.

Eliminate a procrastinating attitude

If you have a habit of procrastination, then you must work hard to get rid of it. You are not the only IT support professional who usually procrastinate, but you need to snap out of this bad habit if you are truly serious about being more productive at your work. By keeping your work stagnate while you idle around doing nothing or doing unrelated stuffs, then you are wasting valuable time. Yes you can always reason that you can easily complete your tasks just in time to meet the deadline, but this attitude can bite you in the ass anytime, and in your experience, you probably have loads of experience where you feel so bad that you procrastinate because your work is easily rendered useless, or the quality is too low. And when your work for the IT Support Portland company, your job must be top notched and without any mistakes. Find ways to stop yourself from procrastinating, and finally become a more productive IT support professional in your chosen career path.

Take regular breaks

Contrary to many beliefs, people in the IT world who takes their break seriously are more productive in their work compared to those who are not taking breaks. The company that you work for provides you with break schedules, and you must follow that schedule at all times. Taking a break from work helps your brain relax for a couple of minutes, and you have the time you need to let go of the stress. And when you come back to work after your breaks, your brain is rested enough to handle the pressures of work. But if you refuse to take breaks, your brain gets fatigued easily, and tendency is you always get into a foul mood because you are dead tired and you pushed your brain too much. And so you need to take breaks whenever they are scheduled, so you can give your brain a moment to breath. There is too much pressure and stress in the IT Support Portland world, and taking breaks can help you catch your breath and relax your whole body and mind. And when your brain is able to relax, you come back to working feeling rejuvenated and work harder to become productive in your tasks.

Harvest lessons from successes

No one is perfect, but in the IT industry you do need to be excellent with your work because the safety and security of your client’s networks and systems relies on your capable hands. And so when it is true that you must learn from your mistakes, it is also true that you must harvest all the good lessons from all your successes, and learn from them. Determine all the right things you did with your work as an IT Support Portland professional, and do the same in order to do a better job.

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