White Glove IT Support: What To Know About Help Desk Support

White Glove IT Support

White Glove IT Support includes many types of services, and one of them is help desk support. It is the first level of service that is offered by companies to accommodate the queries of the customers, as well as concerns, issues, complaints, and kudos. A help desk support can be done through a ticketing system, via email, or by phone.
How Does A Help Desk Support Work?
A help desk support is a popular form of service that information technology professionals are good at. It works by hiring the best IT support company to be the front liners of your company. The ITs will handle the calls, emails, or ticketing method of support wherein they answer all the questions and concerns of your customers regarding your product. For example, if the customer recently purchased your product but is too busy to read the instruction manual or simply do not wish to follow written instructions, then the White Glove IT Support will take care of your customer and will guide him or her on how to install, use, or make use of the product from your company.
Take note that these people who will be the help desk support are not your own employees. They are information technology professionals who specialize in help desk support, and so they are called a third party vendor that you hired for your company for the sole purpose of assisting your customers after the sales of the product is done.
The help desk support is kind of like customer service, but it focuses more on the technicality than other things. On the product’s box or instruction manual, the number of the help desk support is provided, and then the customers are routed to the office of the help desk service, which is mainly in another location, state, or even country, depending on the address of the IT workforce. And then the help desk ITs answer the calls, emails or respond to the ticket complaints without divulging that they are a third party support. They would own up to their tasks and talk about the products of your company like they know everything and handle any issue of the customers. And with a White Glove IT Support in terms of help desk, your customers will be extremely happy with the support, and they will continue to patronize your company products.
Duties And Responsibilities Of Hep Desk Support
Help desk support is also known as a first level support, level 1 support, or 1st level support. The information technology professionals who are tasked to perform this job possess people skills that allow them to communicate well with mostly irritated, frustrated, and angry customers. The ITs for the job are known to be patient since they are dealing with customer complaints and issues all day long. The help desk ITs have specific responsibilities to perform in a meticulous, fastidious, and perfect manner. Let us go ahead and see what these roles are.
Gather Customer Information
The first role of the White Glove IT Support is to gather the information of the customers and log them on the system. They would also need to verify of the legitimacy of the purchase in order to provide the best kind of service. The data that the ITs would require are personal, but you can trust that they will not divulge any customer record to an outsider. This process is based on documentation, which is beneficial for the subsequent calls, in case the customers call, send an email, or create a ticket the next time around. The next IT support representative to handle the concern will know precisely what happened the first time the customer contacted the help desk, thanks to the detailed documentation left by the first IT support on the file of the customer.
Provide Resolution
After the customer state the issue concerning the product, it is the task of the IT help desk support to provide the best resolution to the customer. And since the IT support company is following the White Glove IT Support technique, you can be completely assured that the help desk support will provide exceptional customer service to the customers. The resolution will be a permanent one, and if, for some reason that the first level of technical support cannot resolve the problem, then the particular IT will then need to transfer the customer to a higher level of technical support for additional help and assistance. However, this stage is the last resort, since the white glove service has a perfectionist nature. And so, the first level of IT will go the extra mile to resolve the concerns before the IT gives up since there is nothing left to do at his or her end.
It is the responsibility of the help desk support to provide customer satisfaction to the customers, and so it is ideal to always opt for an IT support company that employs patients, goal oriented, perfectionist, dedicated, and has the desire to help customers resolve their issues through a White Glove IT Support.
What Are Needed To Become A Help Desk Support IT?
The information technology professionals who are assigned to a help desk support department are supposed to have exceptional people skills, bottomless patience, excellent communication skills, fundamental technical skills combined with customer service skills, cal handling knowledge and expertise, broad product knowledge, analytical skills, compassionate, and meticulous. All these characteristics and traits are highly required in order for the information technology professionals to perform their job well and with absolute excellence.
Final Say
Without a doubt, a help desk support is crucial to the success of any company, business, or organization. The first line of technical support and customer service determines if the customers stay angry or irritated or if they will transition into happy customers. And so unquestionably, the ITs performing this task must have all the good qualities to deliver the best kind of service and serve with excellent quality the White Glove IT Support.

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