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IT Support Portland Managers Must Possess Important Business Skills

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In IT Support Portland Management hierarchical levels, your job as an IT Manager is considered middle management and it is sandwiched between the C-level business bosses or directorial, and the IT Pro. Your responsibilities include exceptional planning, job delegations, steering the strategies and operation of the IT team, buy the necessary company resources for the team, and manage all the IT support specialists under you. And you know that your title as IT manager comes with tons of responsibilities that go way over your technical skills. Of course you need to be extremely skilled in cybersecurity and IT in general, but you also need to possess the necessary business skills that every IT manager must have in order to excel in what you do. And in this post we will explore the major business skills that you need to master as an IT Support Portland manager to meet, and even exceed the expectations of this position.

Team Management

All IT support teams requires an IT manager who can lead their team to the throes of success. And since you are that person in the team, it is your role to manage your team better, and be the one to delegate assignments to your team members. You have the responsibility to manage and control your team properly, and the ability to create a positive momentum on your team so they are highly motivated and encouraged to do their job in the best of their abilities. And so to be extremely good at your role as an IT manager, you must possess the business skill of managing a team of IT support professionals. Also, make sure that you have the insight, empathy, and firmness to provide the best mentorship for every member of your team.

Decision making skill

CTOs and CIOs in a company have higher decision making levels, but IT Managers are also tasked to make decisions for the whole team, especially in times when cyber attacks are launched by black hat hackers. You have all the necessary resources to perform your tasks as a good IT Support Portland manager. In your role you are in a position to evaluate significant data and assess the potential risks that comes with the action to take or the purchase needed for the team or company. Most especially, your job as an IT manager involves making decisions that can greatly impact the present and future of the company that you work for.

Strategic thinking

As an IT Manager you have access to the essential resources of information, budgets, and team members. You have the authorization to use these resources to strategically create a team game plan that involves building a plan to boost the performance of the whole team. And in order to have the strategic mind to perform your job well, you need to have the brain to make the right decisions and create fool-proof plans for the betterment of the cybersecurity of your company. And of course, your role as an IT Support Portland Manager is critical to the efficiency and success of the company that you work for.

Targeting short term goals

The technological world is fast changing, and so you must see to it that you avoid making long term plans for your team, like creating a software or program that will be the same for five years or more. You need to understand that you need to build short term plans because you never know, maybe in two or three years, things would change and your plans are rendered useless. This is especially true when you are creating hardware. You should set the end of life or EOL to a maximum of three years, since the hardware may lose its value by then.

Negotiation skills

Your position as an IT manager is not an easy role to fill, and you should have excellent negotiation skills in order to get the job done properly. There will be times when you need to negotiate with black hat hackers in during a cyber attack to minimize the damage done to the company you work for. Also, as an IT Support Portland Manager there is a need for you to negotiate with your subordinates in terms of their preferred dates for using their vacation leaves. Most especially, you deal with the upper management and you negotiate a lot of things regarding your inputs and what is best for your team. Plus, you handle the business relationship between your company and the technological vendors. Basically, it is part of your job to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

Communication skills

Having excellent communication skills does not only imply that you are good at conveying your thoughts, strategies, and plans to the upper management, clients, technology vendors, and your whole team. It also means that you have the listening skills to hear out what your people have to say. It is important to have an open door policy with your team, since it makes them feel important. And when you listen to them, you are boosting their confidence in doing their jobs as competent IT Support Portland professionals.

Manage company finances

In some level, you are provided the opportunity and responsibility to handle some of the company finances in terms of purchasing resources for the team. These resources are used to better do the team’s tasks, and you must have the skills to manage money in order to know what you need to do and allocate money when needed.

Organization skills

Different IT managers have varying ways to organize their jobs. But of course you need to master the art of organization, especially since the process involves using the digital aspect to make your organization excellent.

Adaptability and time management

You need to be adaptable in your line of work, as well as know how to manage your time properly as you perform your job as an IT Support Portland manager, and do it with excellent capability.

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