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Your company network is the heart of your business, and without it your business cease to exist, or you go back to the old era where you sell products and services by calling people out physically to patronize what you are selling. Or you can simply sell your products in a store without the use of technology at all. That is a disaster, even if you ask anyone. The world today uses technology to promote and market their businesses and create awareness of their brand through social media, website, blogs, and marketing strategies including commercials and ads. Your business needs the help of the most trusted and highly recommended IT Support Portland to ensure that your network has little or zero network downtime to prevent loss of money, customers, and data. Always bear in mind that outages in network creates havoc in your system, and potential customers lost track of your website or social media accounts and they grow wary and look for somewhere else to go.

Human error

One fact that you need to understand about network outage is that it is usually caused by human error. That is why it is vastly important for your business to employ an efficient IT Support Portland to make sure that you can prevent network downtime to happen in your company. And though you can never really guarantee that there will be zero downtime to occur, you can at least be sure that the cases is significantly minimized.

Humans are not perfect, and so are machines. But in many cases, network downtimes are caused by sheer negligence of the management team, and employees who are not focusing on what they need to do, but are rather lax in their responsibilities. By hiring a brilliant team of IT Support Portland, you gain the security and guidance of professionals on how to minimize human error to reduce the risk of downtimes in your network.

Review of codes

One of the best methods to make sure that network outage does not happen is to have your IT service team check regularly the codes in your network concerning software. Your software must always be up to date, and all the new developments must always be updated in the system without delays. Your IT support has the responsibility to review all codes and ensure that they are all in line with your network needs. And if there are changes need to be made, your company’s technical support can help make things right for your network so downtime is avoided whenever necessary.

Network monitoring

Whenever there are modification in the system, it is crucial to ensure that everything is checked properly prior and after any changes are created. By creating a path that allows the network to function efficiently without errors, your company can have a seamless operation that is free from downtimes and the threat to cyber security is minimized. It is the job of your chosen IT Support Portland to monitor your network 24/7 to instantly detect any anomalies in the system. If something is wrong, then they can immediately do something about it real time before the attempted hack does any real damage to the network.

Enhance safety shield

The first line of defense of your network is the network firewall, so your dedicated IT Support Portland needs to strengthen your firewall and make your first shield against hackers strong. They can make it a point to install regularly the latest updates and patch up the system real time whenever any hacker comes close to the network, regardless of they were able to slightly penetrate or not. The best IT company will never allow your network to become vulnerable to any cyber attack. There will always be a good defense for your network so downtime is significantly reduced.

24/7 technical support

Network downtime can happen anytime, and so it is crucial to have IT Support Portland be on the lookout for any technical issue at all times, every day and hour for every day of the week. Complacency is not something that must be practiced when it comes to the technical side of things. Hackers have no time schedule like 9 am to 5 pm to do their hacking activities. And so it only follows that the monitoring of your network must be done every second of the day. So make sure that you hire an IT support company that involves multiple IT personnel. Each of them or by pair or group needs to take turns in watching over your network, so network downtime is avoided. And in case that hackers do get into the network, the technical support team can fight the cyber attacks real time and hold them back. So by having a 27/7 IT for your company, any downtime threat is curtailed significantly.

Utilization of advanced technology

As a company owner, it is quite understandable that you want to spend less on new expensive technologies in order to focus your expenses on your products and services, as well as the marketing of your brand. However, you need to understand that the network security of your business is a huge component to the success of your company. If you will not take advantage of what the latest offers in the Information Technology industry, then could be facing more issues when network downtimes happen. So trust that when your IT service team tells you that you need to upgrade your system, it is definitely necessary to do so. Your IT Support Portland knows what’s best for your network to prevent any downtime, so respect their skills and invest in new technology. Or, you can simply utilize their state-of-the-art technology and just pay a fee for using an advanced technology. It would even be much better if the contract you have with the IT company involves the use of the latest technology to fortify the security of your network. And if that is the case, then you’re in luck.

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