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IT Support Portland professionals are human beings, and they are bound to fall in love if they have not already. And if you are still single, then sooner or later, you will find someone who will fill your thoughts in the day and would be the last thing on your mind before you sleep. And so, in this post, we will talk about love in general and how to handle your feelings when you are hit with the arrows of cupid. But the fact is, there is absolutely no handbook or guidebook when it comes to living someone. But thanks to the people who have been there who shared their experiences, we have a fairly good idea or two, and even more, about love.
What is love?
Love is a feeling that human beings feel in their heart. This emotion is so strong, and it could inspire you or destroy you as an IT Support Portland professional. When you feel love, you tend to focus all your energy and attention on the object of your affection. Sometimes, there is no logic to what you think, and the things you can do for love are overwhelming. And while you love, your goal is always to have the person you adore by your side at all times. And you do everything to make your special someone happy, well-fed, satisfied with everything, and successful. In a nutshell, you do whatever it takes to make sure that the person you love is happy.
How do you know that what you feel is love?
Well, yes, sometimes it is not easy to recognize love even when you already feel it in every fiber of your being. There are times when you need another person to help you realize that you have already fallen in love. And though you are very smart since you are an IT Support Portland professional, no one is really intelligent enough to recognize love. That is why we will help you. There are signs that you have fallen in love already. Let us explore them.
Fast beating heart
When you run or jog, your heartbeat fast. When you engage in any physical activity, your heart beats fast. Another reason for a fast-beating heart is when you are idle, sitting down, or even just standing up and you suddenly saw someone, and your heart starts beating like a running horse. The main reason for that is that the person you saw is special for you, whether you realize it or not. So when you suddenly feel your heart racing so fast, take a moment to breathe and analyze your feelings carefully towards the person who caused the fast beating of your organ.
Unusual caring for the person
It is normal for people to care for other people. We do have a natural emotion that allows us to sympathize with others, especially with family and friends. As an IT Support Portland professional, you probably have a small circle of friends, and you care for them greatly. But when you start to care too much for someone unusually, and you seem always to want to take care of that person, then you must weigh your feelings in order to figure out how deep your emotions are. Because most of the time, caring too much means that you are falling for someone, or you are already in love with the person.
Unexplained jealousy
The bible says that love is not jealousy. But reality dictates otherwise. When humans love, jealousy is always a factor and a cause for hundreds of fights among lovers and married couples. It is a common feeling that destroys a relationship when not handled properly. Even though jealousy is a negative feeling, it is a sure indication that you are in love with someone. So when you as an IT Support Portland professional feel jealous when the person you somehow love is with someone else, then you should check your emotions because if unguarded, you could end up causing trouble for yourself. Just remember that when you are jealous, there is love that you love.
Happiness beyond words
One of the major indications that you are falling in love is the fact that you are happy whenever your special someone is with you. Even if you are not together, like simply work together, or see the other person from afar, but you feel happy whenever your paths cross. You simply cannot explain why you are so glad, but you feel it in your bones and in your heart. So when this happens to you, you must examine your emotions because, more likely than not, you are in love with the person who is making you happy.
What to do when you are in love
And so when you are finally convinced that you are in love, what you need to do first is find out if the person you are in love with is single and available. Your work as an IT Support Portland professional can help you with this part. Use your technical skills to research about the life of your special someone. But of course, research only about the social media, and not actually do hacking.
Second, you need to have the courage and find a way to try and make the other person fall for you as well. Remember that just because you fell in love, the recipient of your affection also feels the same way. That can happen also, but not all the time. And so you must make an effort to appear appealing and attractive to the other person.
Third, be bold and express what you feel. Take note that holding back may not do you any good in the long run. Someone else may step in, so you need to power up and make the person feel how much you care.
Fourth, you need to be ready for an unrequited love. Anyway, you still have your job as an IT Support Portland professional.

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