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IT Support Portland Professionals: The Importance Of Pet Dogs

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IT Support Portland professionals are in a constant battle against cybercriminals. Your job enables you to use the best of your talents and skills to fight off black hat hackers and maintain and strengthen the cybersecurity of your clients’ businesses. And at the end of the day, you go home and be with your family and have quality time with your loved ones. But if you are single and have no one to go home to, it is ideal that you adopt a pet dog to be your companion. Of course, there is no substitute for a human partner, but a pet dog can also do wonders to your life. Let us check out the benefits of being a pet parent, especially with your choice of career.

Health improvement
In general, four-legged pet dogs are good for health, and it is scientifically proven that it is so. In fact, petting your dog for a quarter of an hour daily is proven to produce and release the compounds of serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin. These chemicals in the brain are hormones that are responsible for making you feel good about your life in general and as an IT Support Portland professional. And when you feel good about your job, you are able to perform better and give your best to get the job done excellently. Aside from making you feel happy, stroking your dog every day reduces the risk of high blood pressure, which is absolutely great for your health. And since a dog needs to exercise as well, you are obliged to walk your pet every day, and that leads to your daily routine exercise also through walking. This is great, especially if you have no time or desire to exercise. With regular walking exercises, you keep your body healthy, and you gain energy. So with all the health benefits of having a pet dog, your job as an IT Support Portland professional is improved in many ways.

Unconditional love
All human beings in the world need to have someone who gives unconditional love. But if you have not been fortunate enough to meet a person to love and cherish, then you can easily receive unconditional love through owning a pet dog. Dogs are extremely loyal animals, and they love their human parents unconditionally. They are great companions, and they will never cheat. Once you have a pet dog, you only need to groom them, feed them, walk them, and pet them. They do not ask for more, and they patiently wait for you at home, and never complain no matter how late you came. Your pet dog will always have a happy bark or joyful wagging of a tail for you, regardless if you forgot to feed them or pet them. They will remain loyal until the end, so you will never feel alone or unloved.

Emotional support
Clinical studies found out that dogs are actually great for providing silent emotional support for patients with depression, PTSD, and other mental illnesses. They are perfect companions since they can somehow detect the mood of their human parents and feel for them. When you are feeling down due to your work as an IT Support Portland professional, or for any reason at all, your pet dog will lie down beside you and snuggle up to you to provide you comfort. They will lick your face and hands in order to encourage you to move forward and be happy. Dogs are wonderful ad adorable creatures that and human beings are blessed to have them on this earth. So when no other humans on the planet can provide you with the emotional support you need, you can always count on your beloved pooch to lift your gloomy mood.

Increases safety at home
Your job as an IT Support Portland professional sometimes requires you to handle super sensitive materials that can actually put your life at risk. And though you probably have protection and security in place for your safety as an IT Support Portland professional, it is still a good idea to get a pet dog. This is because dogs in nature are protective, and they safeguard their human family with their life without any regard for their own life. Your puppy can alert you if there is danger in your home and will stand as your first line of defense if intruders find their way inside your house.

Promotes socialization
You may not have much time to socialize in your busy work schedule, and as a result, you have very few friends whom you can call, talk to, and rely on. And truth be told, you could be a bit shy to socialize, so your life revolves around work and home. But if you decide to have a pet dog, your life can change dramatically. Dogs are conversation starters. You simply need to bring your dog to a dog park or any establishment that allows pets, and people will smile at you and start to converse about your dog. So your absent social life as an IT Support Portland professional is greatly improved thanks to your new pup. Who knows, you may even meet another human pet parent who is single, and you realize that you both click.

Bottom line
Living alone is hard and lonely, so if it is not time yet for you to meet someone special, then have yourself an adorable puppy that can be with you every day. A furry companion is simply the best way to feel alive and happy in the comforts of your home. And when you feel so glad, your work performance is significantly improved, thanks to your positive perspective that is influenced by having a four-legged friend. Whichever way you look at things, owning a dog makes your life better in every way. You become healthier, happier, sociable, and more efficient in dealing with cybersecurity and everything else that comes with the job as an IT Support Portland professional.

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