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IT Support Portland professionals live their lives like other people or career professionals. And you probably have a girlfriend of your own, which may be a long-term partner or someone new. For some reason, you feel suffocated with your relationship, and you are no longer happy with your lover. And when this happens, you must make sure that you figure out if you still love your girlfriend or not. If the answer is no, then you cannot prolong your unhappiness. Instead, you need to be honest with her and end your suffering. Keeping your dissatisfaction would only hurt you both in the long run. It is time to break up with your girlfriend, and there are different ways to do that. Let us examine them all.
Face to face
The best way to break up with a girlfriend is through a face-to-face method. As an IT Support Portland professional, you may be a bit shy and introvert, but you must confront your demons. Have the courage to tell her that you want to break up. It would hurt her, of course, but you need to be honest with how you feel. You must free yourself both from a relationship that has become toxic. You owe it to her to tell her personally that you lost your love for her, but you can still try to be friends. This may be impossible, but you can try to stay civil with each other for the sake of your past. After all, you did love her at one point in your life. So out of respect, choose the face-to-face method, and end things with peace.
Through text
Another method for breaking up is through texting. Sadly, this is actually common among teens and young lovers. As an IT Support Portland professional, you are aware of the instances that couples break up through texts. This is actually a cowardly method that you must not follow. You have a past. You once cared for and loved your girlfriend, and she definitely deserves to know the truth about how you feel now personally. Texting her that you no longer love her will devastate her and would crush her self-confidence. You are a professional already, so do not act like a young teenager who breaks up with a girl through text. Be brave enough, to be honest to your current girlfriend, and cut off text breaking up the list. More importantly, it is insulting for your partner to have your relationship end through a cold text.
Through a phone call
A breakup phone call is actually an upgrade and much better compared to a breakup text, but it is still not good. Yes, you can talk about your feelings and hear each other talk, but this method is still a cowardly way out of a relationship in many ways. Unfortunately, this method is also common. In fact, it is more popular compared to texting because not only do teenagers do this kind of stuff to break up, but also adults. As an IT Support Portland professional, you have access to phones and VOIP, so you can easily perform the break up through a phone call. But we strongly advise against this method, because it is still better to talk to your girlfriend personally and talk things through. Bring her to a restaurant or somewhere quiet so you can end your relationship without adding insult to the injury.
By ghosting
Well, ghosting is a popular method of breaking up, especially in the online dating world. This is sometimes what teenagers do, even adults, and this is usually done if people do not have the guts to break up in person or simply are too scared to end a relationship through face to face, text, or phone call. As an IT Support Portland professional, you have the tools to perform ghosting on your girlfriend, but it is not a good idea. This is really a cowardly method that is beyond the break up and phone calls. Plus, ghosting does not give you closure. What do you think will happen if, after weeks of ghosting your girlfriend, you cross paths again? It would very awkward, and you appear as the cowardly boyfriend who could not face his girlfriend. And that would not be good for your image, for sure.
Asking a friend to do it
Another cowardly break up idea is to ask a friend to do it for you. Undoubtedly, you have a couple of good friends who cannot say no to you, but doing this is so unfair for your girlfriend and for your friend. Though this is not a popular method of breaking up, there are still a couple of people who asked their friends to deliver the break up message to their lover. As an IT Support Portland professional, you must not taint your career with this kind of way to get rid of your girlfriend. Man, this is super insulting. Do not go down to this level. If you no longer love your girl, then be brave enough to tell her. Also, you may receive resistance from your professional friends if you ask for this kind of favor. It is indeed not easy to break up with someone else girlfriend. So never go down this route.
Final say
Love is not easy to find, and sometimes when you do find someone special, the feelings do not last for a very long time. And when it is time to end things and move on, you must choose the righteous path of telling her that it is over. You have pride as a man, and she has dignity as a woman. Do not insult each other by being a coward. After you are sure that you want to break up, if you are confident that you have no feelings anymore, then sit down and talk, like an IT Support Portland professional practicing professionalism. Remember, you are an adult, not a kid anymore.

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