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Companies require the best Managed IT Services San Diego to prevent cyberattacks from happening, especially when black hat hackers are getting bolder in their cybercrimes thanks to their recent rapid success in launching their cyberattacks, and they earned loads of cryptocurrency money from their hacking sessions. Thankfully, there are brilliant information technology professionals who can handle cyber threats and ensure that your cybersecurity is powerful enough to be resilient from the attempts of the black hat hackers to breach your data. And these clever ITs are from an IT support provider with vast resources in preventing cyberattacks, and the ITs are excellent in providing a Managed IT Services San Diego. And the team of information technology professionals protects your cybersecurity in many ways, including installing a reliable anti-virus software program on all your company computers. There is no doubt about the benefits of using an anti-virus, but what are the pros and cons of using this kind of security measure? Let us find out.

Pro: Virus Protection

Of course, the most apparent purpose and benefit of the anti-virus software program are to protect the company computers against malware viruses, spyware, and all kinds of malware. 

Pro: Surfing Protection

When you browse the web, especially when your company involves research and your employees need to constantly use the internet to perform their tasks, there is a big chance of encountering malicious software, files, videos, images, and applications. And the anti-virus software can help reduce, if not wholly eliminate, the risks of cyberattacks by protecting you and your employees while you surf the web.

Pro: Free Firewall

An anti-virus software program comes with a firewall that prevents unauthorized access from the black hat hackers. The firewall safeguards your network; no outside source can get in without permission, so an anti-virus benefits your company. And to find the best combination of anti-virus and firewall, trust the recommendation of the team of information technology professionals performing a Managed IT Services San Diego. 

Pro: Spam Protection

As someone who uses email daily for work or personal reasons, you know how frustrating spam emails are. But thanks to the installation of the anti-virus software on your company computers, the arrival of spam emails will be significantly reduced, if not eliminated. 

Pro: Spyware Protection

Black hat hackers love using spyware to get what they want from their target companies. The worse part is spyware is malicious software that is hard to detect. But with the help of anti-virus software, spyware can be stopped. 

Con: Slow Performance

One of the significant disadvantages of anti-virus software is the slow performance of the company computers. The anti-virus software keeps on working to find viruses and other malicious software, and so. As a result, the program is slowing down the performance of the installed computers. 

Con: Security Holes

The anti-virus software program can be bypassed by viruses and malware that are injected directly into the operating system and other software programs and applications that are outdated, vulnerable, and have flaws. That is why the information technology professionals in a Managed IT Services San Diego always recommend updating all the software programs and applications on every company computer and other devices. 

Pro: Malware Deletion

The job of the anti-virus software program is to detect viruses, including malware, and once the application detects the malware, it works to delete the malware so the company computers will not get infected. 

Pro: Regular Virus Scan

The company computers are always at risk of acquiring viruses. Thankfully, with the installation of an anti-virus software program, there will always be a virus scan on a regular basis, so the users will always be notified in case there is a new attempt by the black hat hackers to deliver their viruses. And with the cooperation and responsibilities of the team of information technology professionals, the detection of malware can be resolved with a solution immediately through Managed IT Services San Diego.

Con: Not 100% Detection

The sad fact is no anti-virus software program can detect all kinds of viruses. This is because every hour, there is a new type of virus that the black hat hackers have authored. And so it would be nearly impossible for the anti-virus software to detect every single virus, especially the new ones. 

Pro: Real-time Security

Viruses and malware can appear on your company computers anytime. The good news is the anti-virus software program offers a real-time protection from the black hat hackers. The anti-virus immediately detects and notifies the users of an existence of a virus. And more than detection and notification, the team of information technology professionals from a third-party IT support company that offers a Managed IT Services San Diego can definitely help in resolving the issue. 

Pro: Ad Blocker

Unwanted ads are always annoying, and it sounds good to have them removed from the computer screens. Hood thing is, the anti-virus software program includes a reliable ad blocker that can make your work free from ads. Without unwanted ads, there is less of a risk of getting attacked by the black hat hackers.

Pro: Online Threat Protection

Online threats are always present in every network and system, and they occur on company computers. And with the installation of an anti-virus software program, the cyber threats are significantly minimized, if not altogether eliminated. 

Con: Regular Update Required

For the anti-virus software program to keep on working in its best manner, there needs to be a constant or regular update to the software. This is a minor con because the updating factor is not really hard to do but can be performed quickly and even automatically. 

Final Say

 The anti-virus software program has lots of pros and cons, but the good is always the winner. Your company computers must have anti-virus software installed on the devices to prevent viruses and malware from causing destruction on the cybersecurity. But of course, use only the best anti-virus by listening to the suggestion of the ITs in a Managed IT Services San Diego. 

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