Free Business Computers


At Bytagig, we understand the capital needed to replace business computers is a challenging financial hurdle.  To combat those limitations, Bytagig bridges the gap between hardware and capital expense. At Bytagig, we offer free office business computers for our new clients.  

New customers will receive business grade computers, and it’s our way of saying “thanks” for being a client. 

Bytagig is happy to provide support for your current hardware installations, but, with upgrades you can shirk off reliance on legacy infrastructure to help your business reach a competitive edge.  For no additional charge, you can jump from outdated services like Windows XP – keeping you safe and efficient in the modern digital age. 

Bytagig understands the complex needs of management and firmly believes in company morale. Having efficient, free-to-use machines is not only a great way to expedite performance and sling your company into the 21st century, but improve management happiness too. With secure, faster machines, management can rest easier knowing their tasks are simpler to perform, all completely supported by Bytagig’s robust staff. This, of course, all avoids the budgetary demands of new IT. 

One of the primary reasons Bytagig offers new office hardware is for efficiency. It’s easier for our our company to offer a robust support model when we know the hardware, and we aren’t held back by limitations of legacy infrastructure. We are happy to offer a free scan and help you install new infrastructure. 

Typically, Bytagig provides one computer per staff member, or at least for how many are needed. Normally, delivery is within 1-3 business days (or as close as possible). If the system needs upgrades the delivery can take longer. Bytagig’s hardware arrive with Windows 10. If you’re running older operating systems such as Windows 7, we’re happy to assist upgrading the software. 

With this new hardware, Bytagig also offers its robust support as an MSP, including cybersecurity and infrastructure services.