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We offer consulting in Inventory Management solutions for businesses that need to track point of use. Managing your inventory plays a vital role in both productivity and efficiency, along with selecting the right type of hardware for your IT business model.

Our Inventory Management Services

  • App integration to have unilateral insight and control over your current inventory
  • Expedited ordering and shipping that is 10x faster than competing vendors to fulfill your IT supply needs
  • Automated replenishment to avoid the hassle of redundant manual ordering
  • Analytic management tools that allow you to inspect lifespan of product to sale
  • Accuracy-based models for restocking and storage of customer-owned inventory
  • Real-time customer usage data to optimize your inventory to promote saving money
  • Service truck inventory management to lessen shrinkage when it comes to ensuring all the necessary inventory are available for order
  • Cloud solution to facilitate quick delivery and rapid return on investment
  • Tracking system that helps to hold and send usage transactions on a schedule-based timeframe customized by the customer agreement
  • Accessible monitoring process on costs, inventory status, and value to help make appropriate decisions that are positively impacting the business
  • Consigned inventory increases efficiency in production and cost savings
  • Asset maintenance to prevent disruptions within the production process
  • Bin weights of physical inventory allow accurate count measuring reports without any human involvement
  • Demand-planning model to provide accurate information on customer orders, product quantity, and order/delivery date

During this present time, our technology has been continuously innovating where inventory management software has become one of the most essential elements for businesses, especially small businesses, to possess in its operational activities. 

Automation is key for businesses to succeed in this current fast-paced environment. 

Thus inventory management tends to be considered as a competitive advantage for many businesses which encourages the businesses to be on top of their market competition game in terms of their business performance.

The increasing high competitiveness for companies to experience in terms of demand and supply in the growing market today has required inventory management software to be a crucial part of the business. inventory management software can provide a secure foundation from the present to future decisions that are to be made. That is, allowing the process to involve prioritizing the goods that need more focus on investing versus ones that may need to be eliminated or to lessen their investment on. This can interpret as encouraging the business to experience high inventory turnover and an increase in information transparency, which are efficient factors for business success. 

Having inventory management software to be a part of the business operations can help create opportunities to pivot, change, or even simplify the business model(s) your company runs, especially as the market demand can involve various factors that require inventory management to be top-notch.

Bytagig understands how challenging it is to maintain a good inventory without losing money.

Taiichi Ohno, founder of Toyota Production System (TPS) once said, “All we are doing is looking at the timeline, from the moment the customer gives us an order to the point when we collect the cash. And we are reducing the timeline by reducing the non-value adding wastes.”

When applying this perspective to inventory management, it is like saying how companies having excess inventory results in profit loss while a lack of inventory will result in compromising your customers’ needs — implicating these factors as non-value adding wastes. So, it is significant to understand how managing your inventory in a well-balanced manner plays a vital role in both productivity and efficiency, along with selecting the right type of hardware for your IT business model.

With good inventory management comes brand loyalty. When you speed up the ordering process, provide order accuracy and high product quality; these elements will allow customers to experience a high, positive satisfaction. In turn, this outcome may increase customer retention as well as further entice the customers to recommend your business to other potential pools of your target audience. 

Not only does inventory management software bring customer satisfaction and retention, but it can also positively impact the environment we live in today. With less packaging to be wasted and products to be thrown away, fewer opportunity costs are needed to be paid. Nevertheless, the biggest factor in inventory management is that it helps businesses to exercise philanthropic decisions or values. There has been an increasing number of consumers who believe that being environmental-friendly in all the possible activities that they are in. 

With businesses incorporating this value into their operational activities, it shows the consumers the sincere trust and respect businesses have when understanding how the environment is important to consider when doing businesses involving goods. The more efficient inventory management becomes the less environmental footprint that is negatively impacting the ecological system.

Productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, environmental awareness — It’s a situation where the business benefits from both internal and external factors! And Bytagig wants to help you experience these undeniable, practical advantages for your business(es) to benefit from! 

If there’s only one important thing to take away from this is that Bytagig can handle your inventory management software needs for you while you can have more time to focus on other activities that needed to be prioritized.

Here, at Bytagig, whether it will be your first time enforcing inventory management software into your operations, or even if you currently have inventory management but needs more progressive results, we will ensure the process to be more convenient and cost-effective, pushing your business to market success. Our IT support services include offering consultation in Inventory Management solutions for businesses that need to track point of use. Furthermore, when you implement these solutions, your business will achieve optimal profitability in the long-run.

If you are still deciding whether or not you want to take the chance to work with us in regards to inventory management software, please feel free to contact us to ask us questions! We are opened to answering inquiries to help you understand what our service is about and how it can benefit your business.

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