Why you need to switch to Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy email

Moving from GoDaddy 365 to the official Microsoft version

It’s common for smaller organizations and individuals to seek easy startup resources to aid their business model. GoDaddy is an example, a website host that offers a range of services for simple website construction. But, while users can find a range of tools allowing them to build a website, expanding enterprises will find it lacking.

Unfortunately, this creates a transitional issue. Those who rely on GoDaddy’s email service will find it challenging to switch. If you’re one of those people seeking to shift from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 email services, this is the article for you.

Doesn’t GoDaddy have Microsoft 365?

Yes. However, this version is a bare-bones variant of 365 and has limited features. Combined with GoDaddy’s pricing model, it’s more expensive. Growing enterprises and venture businesses need flexibility and scaling infrastructure, which GoDaddy does not offer.

For those reasons, it’s imperative to switch as soon as possible.

Difference in price structure

One of the primary reasons to use Microsoft 365 on its own and not through GoDaddy is pricing. GoDaddy offers subscription-based pricing for its service models, purchasable in 12-month increments. The problem is after the first year of the initial subscription fees increase substantially.

In contrast, customers will pay less by purchasing Microsoft 365 directly. Microsoft 365 Business Standard, for example, is $150 versus the $190 annual fee GoDaddy charges after the first 12 months. An additional problem, as mentioned, is that GoDaddy’s version of Microsoft 365 lacks features, and is not directly supported by Microsoft. Without direct support, managing errors and scaling problems is purely the responsibility of the purchaser. Furthermore, you cannot purchase add-ons or upgrades for GoDaddy’s version of Microsoft 365.

If your enterprise expands and requires additional services or tools, you’ll be chained by GoDaddy’s limited version of 365.

I need to migrate from GoDaddy!

If you’ve purchased GoDaddy’s version of Microsoft 365 you aren’t stuck. But, the process of switching email services to 365’s official product is difficult. That’s by design, as GoDaddy wants to keep your “business” and therefore make any exodus as tedious as possible. There is a range of problems you will likely encounter when attempting to switch to Microsoft 365.

First, migrating to Microsoft 365 requires canceling your agreement with GoDaddy 365. Your custom domain files are released. However, you’re left to handle the process on your own. Because GoDaddy does not possess the same robust admin functions, you’re missing essential tools for seamless tenant migration.

Furthermore, delays and downtime are incredibly common with this process. Getting support tickets requires escalation within GoDaddy’s support network. Additionally, if you make any alterations or domain changes (you shouldn’t) such as with PowerShell or Exchange Online, GoDaddy’s interface recognizes these alterations within days. You can see how these omissions create annoying roadblocks, so let’s explore how you can transition with ease.

Migrating from GoDaddy 365

First, register a custom domain in your GoDaddy account. You will need to migrate objects and teams, including OneDrive, Azure Active Directory, and Sharepoint to Microsoft 365.

Afterward, you’ll need to change mailboxes to your temporary SMTP account. Once done, you will need to contact GoDaddy support. They will need to remove the services, and you should prepare for several days of downtime. Once successfully removed you take the domain for Microsoft 365.

Still having trouble?

Even with this quick guide, it’s understandable to encounter problems. Bytagig is ready to help remove GoDaddy from your 365 Tenant within as little as 1 hour!

For more information, you can contact Bytagig today.

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